At the beginning, the high quality cycling products were only focused on road races; then Cigno appeared.
A vehicle that meets the requirements of skilled users looking for performing and original products that didn’t follow but draw trends, remaining immortal during time.
Simple and charming in their retro style, seducing in shape but functional in substance, Cigno bikes are the ideal choice for those who want to ride with style and personality.

in Love with


the frame

is made of high quality tempered steel, entirely hand crafted in Italy with a thick layer of chrome plating, and with welded brazed joints in fully fifties style.
The latest generation fully aluminium accessories that wears the bicycle recall the originals and contribute keeping it lightweight, agile and fluid in handling.

ancora selle


the lock

placed on the rear wheel, smarten bicycles with a touch of class. Its clean lines and absence of superfluous extras, make the Cigno Classic Man an elegantly designed bike, a perfect mix of future and vintage, essential and exclusive, with unmatched glamour.

ancora portagiornali


the leather

and hides are manufactured with artisan expertise: starting from the fine Brooks saddle to the grips with their sartorial tailoring that provides a comfortable and particularly pleasant ride.

ancora lucchetti


the newspaper holder

regained by Bernardi brothers from the 50’ original patent, is placed on the stem.

It’s perhaps the component that better represents the idea behind Cigno: care to details and timeless elegance