Cigno Special Edition e-cignoTechnology and Beauty:
the colors of your Comfort

Cleanliness of lines, unmistakable chromium plating, care of details and a handcrafting entirely made in Italy by skilled artisans are the elements that make every Cigno bicycle a unique piece.

The same elements at the root of the new E-Cigno; the e-bike, original and refined, enriched by an innovated hi-tech soul featuring a new electronic all-in-one aluminium hub, compact and elegant, with a 250W power, with an integrated battery that recharges in 2,5H and helps pedaling for a maximum of 30KM up to a 25KM/H speed.

A little jewel, settable via Bluetooth by an iOS / Android application for smartphone, that allows to control every aspects of the trip, coordinating the engine’s incidence on pedaling and even locking the bike.

The new E-Cigno is embellished by handcrafted finishing and never-seen-before Turquoise leather details by Brooks England, where a new idea of sustainable mobility comes alive, made unique by the original and distincitive touch of every bike designed by Cigno.



Steel with joints. The tubing is of Italian production and the welding is entirely by hand. A nickel based alloy guarantees a perfect hold between the tubing and joints; after this operation the frame is degreased and acid applied to remove all residue. The frame, entirely artisan, is made more robust and flexible.



To obtain chrome plating of the highest level it is necessary to begin with an attentive clean of the frame entirely by hand. Afterwards, the frame is subjected to copper plating, nickel plating and finally chrome plating. These passages allow a total thickness of around 30 microns to be achieved, in other words, chrome plating of the highest resistance.



Frame 50, recommended for people up to 1.75 m tall.


Frame 54, recommended for people between 1.75 m to 1.88 m tall.


Frame 58, recommended for people taller than 1.88 m.


Technical Specs

On Requests Only.

Technical Specs

On Requests Only.