A strong passion and an unbreakable bond bind for more than 60 years CIGNO padlocks to the bicycles that protects.


Cigno is a brand that was moulded on most bicycle locks starting from 1952. Born in Treviso by the Dalla Pace family, was used until year 2000, when old style production Cigno locks was questioned. Finally, it was suspended because of too high construction’s costs and of a global market prices lowering more and more.


Back in 2005 the Company was taken over by Bernardi brothers, that restarted its production and marketing.
A new life for the padlock begins with gold and copper special editions that were added to the classic chrome plated production.
2006 starts with the ambitious project to relaunch the Cigno brand: creating a unique and inimitable bike that takes its name from the padlock and the classic chrome plating.


In 2007, the first high-end Cigno bikes collection get born and it distinguished immediately for its retro style interpreted in contemporary way, for handmade assembly performed by highly skilled Italian craftsmen and thanks to the absolute care to details that make each Cigno bicycle a unique piece, with precious value.


On June 2016, after a long series of exhibitions, events and reached goals, Cigno presents its new line: Cigno Veloce.