Pitti Immagine Uomo 91
10th – 13th January 2017


The Italian Hand-Made bicycles brand presents, at Pitti Immagine Uomo 91, E-Cigno, the new e-bike that melts elegance and tradition with innovation and technology.

Cleanliness of lines, unmistakable chromium plating, care of details and a handcrafting entirely made in Italy by skilled artisans are the elements that make every Cigno bicycle a unique piece.

The same elements at the root of the new E-Cigno; the e-bike, original and refined, enriched by an innovated hi-tech soul featuring a new electronic all-in-one aluminium hub, compact and elegant, with a 250W power, with an integrated battery that recharges in 2,5H and helps pedaling for a maximum of 160KM up to a 25KM/H speed.

A little jewel, settable via Bluetooth by an iOS / Android application for smartphone, that allows to control every aspects of the trip, coordinating the engine’s incidence on pedaling and even locking the bike.

The new E-Cigno is embellished by handcrafted finishing and never-seen-before Turquoise leather details by Brooks England, where a new idea of sustainable mobility comes alive, made unique by the original and distincitive touch of every bike designed by Cigno.